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New binocs are great!

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This fall I purchased a pair of ProMariner WaterSport 6X18 Compact Binoculars from Cabelas. I have to say I am really impressed. For $30 these things are outstanding.


They are brighter than typical 10x25 compacts and are much better suited to kayak use due to the low magnification. So light I forget I have them around my neck. With the strap attached they even float.


The only drawback is no center focus. You have to adjust each eye independently. Not a huge problem. Enjoy!

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I never thought about using binocs on the kayak. Never even crossed my mind.


I have a pair os Bushnell's that have no focus at all, your eye adjusts to the image not the image to your eye. The same way your eyes focus on close or distant immages without binocs. Wonder why more companies don't do this.headscratch.gif


Thanks for the info.

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Thanks for the recommendation.


After reading up on the subject I became convinced monoculars are better suited for maritime activities. Those olde pirates of yore were onto something.


But I have not been able to find a good waterproof monocular. I bought a Brunton that fell apart after one use.


Maybe I'll buy the Cabela one and make two monoculars.


Very handy for ID'ing a fellow kayaker or boat from a distance, or spotting structure along shores of lakes, (tree branches coming out of the water, etc, that blend into shore from a distance).

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