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How do I change my username

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... last time tried that the whole internet went kaputz.


Legend is: there is an old man in a cave up yonder. Only two or three people from this site have the ability to communicate with him.

Levari, TimS, and Sudsy seem to have the invite....cwm13.gif


You had to form a committee of townsfolk and conclude with an offering, usually a bluefish sacrifice or leave an RM Smith at the entrance to the cave.


... the old man would decree whether the screen name could be changed, whether SiM could visit a certain spot and ultimately what constituted a burned spot.


There was harmony in the valley for many years...


... then Otter came along and the old man in the cave grew weary.

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View PostOnly the god of the board can do that. headscratch.gif


Any administrator can do it smile.gif



If you choose an appropriate, available username, I'll change it for you.




Show someone how to catch striped bass and they'll be ready to fish anywhere.
Show someone where to go striped bass fishing and you'll have a desperate report chaser with loose lips.

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