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Any fishing clubs in NH

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View PostMe and MDM where thinking about it at one time. We where going to name it the Dead Brothers Surf-fishing Dedicatory Club. Not kidding as we and several of our friend have lost brother. I have lost both my brothers.




Sorry to hear that David. I have lost alot in my life including my Mom and Dad. maybe some type of Memorial club would be cool. mix up the meeting locations alittle so we can get more members?????

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I'd be in, while I still have my brother I did lose my dad and now haven't been able to show him what all his hard work has done. So while we've all lost loved ones what a better way to honor their memory, my dad, who never fished, would be smiling



........and not to be to glum but we could use this as anothercwm40.gif reason to purchase more gear, in their memory of course biggrin.gif

An te is laidre
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