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Why DIdnt You???????

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View Postdid you know the only American made truck is made by Toyota. It is part of lean practices to build what you need where you need it so most Toyota suppliers are right here in the USA and the Toyota plants are right here in the USA.


good point I revise my question to American owned automakers versus American made - meaning Chevy, Dodge, Ford etc.

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I bought 3 VW for the last 5 years because they were cheap. Easy to fix. They never once left me on the side of the road. Hell most of the time i fixed them myself when it came to reg maint.


I only bought 3 in the last 5 years because i was Tboned, sold the 2nd, and the 3rd i have yet to sell after i bought my jeep so i can tow my boat.

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American made vehicles are mostly composed of foreign made parts, especially the electronics (think Brazil and Mexico).


Toyota and Honda vehicles are better engineered, and have better quality control, therefore they keep their resale value up. They are made to last.


Detroit could do the same if they wanted to, but they expect the public to buy a new vehicle every three years or so, so they build crap.

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I've had 3 Chrysler cars... 94 Dodge Spirit V6, 98 Dodge Caravan, 99 Jeep Grand Cherokee.


Each and every one of them was a piece of utter garbage, but they were the best "values" used.


When it came time to buy a new car, I bought at the top of the reliability charts, and that was Mazda (yes, beyond Honda and Toyota).

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Every American car I've ever owned had major meltdowns at low milage. Never again will my money go to support lackadaiscal UAW's, and unimaginative, staid management, turning out poor quality product at relatively high prices, considering what you get for said dollars.


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"Did you miss the part about "U.S. Brands Still Dominate "Least Reliable" List". I guess you did. headscratch.gif"



Thats because you may not have read the whole article. Here are some good excerpts:


"Because of its findings, Consumer Reports will no longer recommend any new or redesigned Toyota-built models without reliability data on a specific design. Previously, new and redesigned Toyota models were recommended because of the automaker's excellent track record, even if the publication didn't have sufficient reliability data on the new model. If Toyota returns to its previous record of outstanding overall reliability, Consumer Reports said it may resume this practice."



"Despite Ford's improvement, U.S. brands account for almost half the models -- 20 of 44 -- on Consumer Reports' list of "Least Reliable" models. Of those, 13 are from General Motors, six from Chrysler, and one from Ford."



So it appears that Ford's rep is being dragged down by Chrysler and GM.(no surprise from me there) I own Ford's and I can tell you what I have driven has not been a POS but today everybody still lumps Ford with the 2 other Big US makers. The point here is that people don't even look at Ford's because of a stigma from the 70-80's-early 90's. People would rather buy what is trendy today and go along with the crowd rather than use some simple tools and do some actual research.


Come on, how many times have you heard a toyota owner say well Toyota also makes Lexus, so basically im getting a cheaper costing Lexus.....



Create instead of living off the buying and selling of others.......
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after years of dumping money into jeep cherokees I decided to switch to nissan pathfinder as wifes murano had been very reliable. got her a volov suv because the only american cars with the 3rd row of seats were huge gas guzzlers or you had to climg over the rear seat like the caddy srx.


so percieved relaibility and lower maintence costs did it for me.

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