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Dri-Core Surf Fishing Jacket --- Review Anybody???

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The Dri-Core is absolutely without a doubt the best cold-weather waterproof jacket there ever was.


The latex wrist seals keep your arms/sleeves bone-dry.


The integral hood will keep the worst nor'easter off your head and out of your ears.


I absolutely love the top and wish SOMEONE would make these again frown.gif


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It's got to be 15 years at least since the Dri-Core was in production. I still have mine and it's fine for extreme conditions, but there's a lot more good product on the market then was the case originally. Tough to get into ..

I like the AquaSkin unit I wear now.


If I were wishing for one product to return from the dead, it'd be the Alou Eel, and the Predator plug would be the second.

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View PostI recently had a few lengthy conversations with Michael (originator of Dri-Core) --- a possible reintroduction of his jacket in a far superior material may soon be reality wink.gif . He's currently out of state & I've offered to give him whatever local support he needs for a "start up" (i.e. - warehousing & distribution).



I talked to him about 3 months ago as well, and he told me that he was contemplating a one time run on these jackets. He was thinking of holding a big tent sale somewhere if it all goes down. He also said he had a few XLs and XXLs or so, none that fit mefrown.gif- so if you're a big fella you might want to call him up & see what he has left. Ask him when & where the sale is too!


Jimmy, that would be great if it came to fruition...

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