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new superstrike bottle plug?

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The Little Neck Swimmer a.k.a. the "Bottle Plug". New modified version v.3 now rattles and has better castability It will dig-in fast, even in strong cross winds. It works well in calm water and holds extremely well in rough water.

Has anyone tried the new ones? All the ones i had were without the rattle,anyone noticed any difference?


David A.K.A Dave the wildman
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View PostI remember someone saying that one runs a little deeper

but I don't remember which onefrown.gif


The very first version of the SS ran the deepest. V2 came out in 2002 and ran shallower. This was to help with fishing the rock ledges of M among other places. The new V3 is the same lip as the V2, only the rattles were added. I think it casts better as the rattles move with the cast shifting the center of gravity. And yes IT CATCHES.

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