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A 2nd economic stimulus package

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If you want a real opinion here it goes. Right now our economy is something like 70% consumer driven. As long as we keep trying to get Americans to spend their money or give them more money to spend they will do it. All this is doing is propping up our economy til we either have to payback the lender or the lender stops lending us money. Eitherway we are working towards something unsustainable.....


We need to work away from a 70% consumer driven economy. One start to that is to get people to stop spending most their money, or spending against future earnings(cheap credit) and to stop doing things like a stimulus. Maybe if we could bring that number down to 35-40% consumer driven, 20-25% government driven and the rest as manufacturing products for export we would be in much better shape. All those things can be accomplished with a sweeping overhaul and kicking out these "new age" "golobal economy" economists.....


Right now we are on the spending downward spiral. Handing money to people and saying things like go buy some furniture, or take your kids to Disney is just furthering an already bad habit which is one major reason things are how they are today...


So if I get a stimulus check again, I am doing what I believe is right and I am not spending it. Really that simple for me.



Create instead of living off the buying and selling of others.......
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Hey, Bob:


Who was it that gave Haliburton their no-bid contract for Iraq? (Bush)


Who was it that sat down with Enron in a secret conference and allowed it to manipulate California electric rates (which then went sky-high)? (Cheney)

This happened, of course, before Enron lied about its financial stability and went belly-up and screwed its investors and its own employees.


I think you've got the wrong info about who screws the country.cwm13.gif

"Not all who wander are lost..."
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View PostObama and the democrats in Washington just love giving money to their corporate friends. Democrats are in bed with big business and are screwing the rest of the country....


All this time we argue about who's in bed with big business and damned if the only "change" is the names of the politicians.


Wow, that's a new twist. Dems and big business in bed together? kooky.gifheadscratch.gif

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