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I have trouble keeping the WSM dry. Frequently, it has half a gallon of water in the ash bowl and mildew on the sides of the main barrel.


Anyone have any tips on how they have modified the oem cover?


How do you keep it dry (if you couldn't store it in a shed)?

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Strange - my cover seems to work fine. You sure it's pulled down all the way past where the bottom bowl & midsection meet?


On a related topic, I always thought the top rim of the midsection & bottom rim of the top dome are pooly designed. The top dome sits into the flange on the midsection which allows water to enter the cooker (assuming you forget to put the cover on redface.gif ). If the flange were reversed (on the top dome instead of the midsection), water would just naturally run off. Seems like a pretty basic concept.

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Probably not unlike a metal chimney flue. All that disgusting condensation/creosote inside the bullet would drip on the outside of the lower section.

"I have ... put a lump of ice into an equal quantity of water ...  if a little sea salt be added to the water we shall produce a fluid sensibly colder than the ice was in the beginning, which has appeared a curious and puzzling thing to those unacquainted with the general fact."- Joseph Black

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