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Garcia 7000 Pro Rocket Help

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PLEASE HELP My reel dosen't seem to cast as far as it should. I have adjusted the controls to offer the least resistance but it seems the spool is still being held back on each cast. Am I missing something in it's setup up?? Where can I send this reel to be tweaked? Thank you in advance

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You need to find out what it is that is causing your reel not to freespool properly. Try the foll:

1. Remove 2 of the casting brakes (considering it has all 4 of them on it now).

2. Spin the spool in your hand both fast and slowly and see if it is sticking somewhere. Basically by elimination try to find the cause - bearings sticky or spool touching frame, etc.

3. A levelwing mechanism fault could also cause a problem. Ensure that the pawl is not worn out and is clean and lightly lubed.

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