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Hello I need help

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Good to see you lurking around Ron.


Now get back to work on those plugs. Spring is just around the corner.


Your old spots are turning on some. Hit me at work if you want to wet a line. Yes, made it through another set of lay offs. cwm31.gif


Best looking plugs in my box.


Still no teeth marks on my Live eel skin.tongue.gif

Capt Jay is Hooked on plastics
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charleston i tried to get him to make me a red sox plug like that but he said that was the one and only red sox plug he will ever make. He did make the stankees one at Jimmy o's. Hey Pete google his company I'm sure he can make that happen

I'm 1 post away from being an Internet sharpie
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View PostWow great looking plugs! drool.gif Can any of you guys can make a few Penn State lures. Maybe a white plug with a blue stripe down the middle. The Penn State logo on the sides? I could make it worth your while.biggrin.gif




I had a few email exchanges with him about a UConn plug but nothing ever ended up happening.

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