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Who drives American?

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'93 F250 4wd SC, Diesel. Will hit 500k this coming summer. Body starting to show its age (rust). Looking for a 2000ish with a blown motor to stick a


1st gen 5.9 in to replace it.


'81 CJ-7, Chevy 350, Dodge NV4500 Trannie, all Glass body. She be up on blocks with a bad twist in frame from way too much abuse. Gonna' get a new frame in the spring and a V6 so I can at least get into the double digits in MPG.


The Wife unit gets the Volvos.


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View Post2 nissans - both made in the USA. I don't give a crap where the $ end up. American workers assembled them.


I got's me one of them too.


It's a 1987 Nissan 4x4, Kingcab, 35 inch tires, lifted 5 inches... rusting and paint is all discolored... a real redneck machine!


YEEEEEE HAAAAAAAA..... Hey pawl, we goin muddin today?

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93 mustang with 250K miles on it. The thing looks and runs great(orig motor, tranny, driveline, etc) but then again I take care of my cars. It's now just a car I couldn't get rid of as it would break myheart.gif Waiting to break it out again in 10 yearsbiggrin.gif


I now have an 07 F150 4x4. The gas millage sucks but for a truck it right there with all of them. As for quality no complaints after 60K miles.



Create instead of living off the buying and selling of others.......
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