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Had a swivel come apart on a cast today

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Never had that happen before. Loaded up a nice cast and...hello Portugal! Figured it was just a mystery PowerPro break off (had one of those today toomad.gif ) and found no it wasn't, I had half a Spro swivel- I can't remember the test, but much heavier than my line or leader. Swivel was new today, I always tie them to the leader and then tie to my main line on the beach. I don't re-use them, figure its cheap insurance. Lure was a 2oz Surface Tension. Lost another on the mystery break-off as well. If the guy from Line Stretcher is around, your're going to be selling a handful of plugs shortly as I'm forced to now re-stock.

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I always use a swivel. Always. With braid, I feel like anything I can do to eliminate a little twist here and there, the better off I'll be.


That being said. Yeah, swivels break like anything else I guess. I'd contact Spro and give them a lot number if you can. Give the other ones a good yank and see if they snap too.


I know I wouldn't use any more from that same pack. You're an unlucky dude.

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With some lures, yes tying direct will work. However, with many lures tying direct will prohibit the movement. Spro are top notch swivels so I am surprised you had one break. Definitely a rare thing. Try breakaway clips too.

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if you are using conventional for a plug, you dont really need a swivel. but anytime you use spinning gear, there will be line twist due to the way the line is layed on the spool. therefore i consider a swivel necessary for spinning gear.

try ball bearing swivels if you are really worried.

they are expensive but they might be worth it, especially if you can afford more expensive plugs

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