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Hi, I need some help with choosing Kayak

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smile.gif Hello, thank you for reading and posting I really appreciate it

I'm planning to buy fishing kayak. I was searching around on the internet for while and i kinda found 2 types from malibu (ocean kayak?) that perfectly fit for me. By the way, im planning to buy 2 person kayak. I'm thinking about between $500-1000 or little above than that and they are about between 700-1200 i think... thats mostly what i found out from the internet. but im having trouble with choosing which kayak will be the best for me. I'm planning to catch everything i can. I usually go fish to brakish water to catch snook, jack, redfish, and other brakish water fishes, but I'm also planning to go to the beach or inshore to use my kayak to fish. If anyone has either one of these kayaks, could you give me some infos,recommendation, and your experiences about these kayaks either they are good or bad so i can make a better choice before i regret redface.gif lol... if you have any informations about any other fishing kayaks beside them, or any optional infos like paddle and stuffs, i will really really appreciate if you tell me, but it has to be 2 person kayak...biggrin.gif lol..


1) Malibu Two XL Angler

2) Malibu Kayaks Pro2 Tandem


thank you very much everybody smile.gif

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I have the Malibu 2 XL and absolutely love it...here is why:


I am a big guy, 6' 220lbs and it fits me perfectly.

I bring my sons along sometimes and we all fit in nicely.

I can use it by myself and have tons of room. I use a milk crate with two pieces of pvc pipe attached to put my rods in for trolling.

You can easily carry big fish right behind where you are sitting.

Works great in fresh or saltwater; I kayak in the bay, ocean, lakes and streams.

Handles well in medium chop and can take the swells. Gives me a lot of stability.


I also have a Scrambler XT and rarely use it now that I have the Malibu 2 XL.


As suggested though, it would be best to give it a test run to find one that fits you best. wink.gif

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why a 2 person kayak........... they are refered to as the "divorce kayak" it is often hard to be paddling at the same time and at the same exact speed. if you don't you will end up turning. which is not fun i have tried that.


honestly when you go to try kayaks also try one person kayaks i think they are a lot better. I have a tandem sik and i don't like it. i also have a one person heritage redfish 12 and love it!

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