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Gravity vs. Siphon feed

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I have both and use the gravity feed more. Uses less paint and easier to maintain. There are less things to go wrong with the gravity feed.


Can't go wrong with Iwata either way.icon14.gif


Just my 2c


Good luck



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View PostCan someone explain the benefits/disadvantages of each? Considering an Iwata, but would like opinions on each type. Thanks.




i have both a gravity fed iwata hp-b and a syphon fed (i forgot the make) airbrushes.


the iwata hp-b that i have has a small cup so spraying a lot of plugs will get to be a hassle when you have to keep refilling the cup. but the brush makes up for it with a smoth paint stroke and atomizing of the air/paint. i also get a finer line than with the syphon brush i have. but this is mainly due to the smaller fluid nozzle on my iwata. .3 i do believe is what it has.


the syphon i have mixed feelings about. it's tempermental, one day it'll splatter and make a mess of what i'm painting. the next day it will spray paint nearly as fine as the iwata. i use this brush for doing things like basecoating. it's great for doing large quantities of models, pieces of terrain or r/c bodies that don't have too much detailing to do. it does use more paint than the iwata and also it's harder to get the paint thinned right. it does have the convenience of being able to attach a bottle of createx to it. which makes doing the same colours on several pieces easy. like basecoats.


i would recommend you get an airbrush that is gravity fed and has a larger cup. that way if you need to base colour or paint the same colour on several objects you'll still be able to. also if you need to thin your mixture or mix in a bit more colour you'll have easier access and room to mixit.


i love iwata brushes. i got lucky and got one for a christmas gift and the person who got it for me got a really good deal. there are a few new brushes they make that i would love to get my hands on. like the new kustom series. you also can not go wrong with badger or paasche (sp?).

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