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Thousand Islands

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I'm planning family vacation time next summer. For the first time in 15 years I will have some flexibility in when I vacation, rather than being locked in to working a set schedule running summer school programs. We're going camping and Papa's going to find some fish!


The thousand Islands area looks pretty good. Anyone ever spend time in a yak there? I'm wondering how small craft friendly the St. Lawrence is, how the fishing is, etc. I'm guessing smallies are abundant. I'd also have the option in July to chase Skamania in the NY rivers out of Lake Ontario, as well as smallies and other fish.

NOBODY here has a pass to blow out someone else's candle in order to make theirs shine brighter. TLDig[

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Never fished with my yak around there but l know and have fished the area quite a bit. You're heading into some serious Muskie country! Lots of bass (large and small mouth). Huge walleye in the fall. Salmon and trout as well. The pike fishing aint to shabby either! A lot of yakkers up there so it shouldn't be an issue. One thing you're going to have to do is get a map and figure out where the borders are. (Canadian/American) Different regs and seasons for different species on either side. MNR (Ministry of Natural Resourses) Canadian=DEC patrol the area alot as does the DEC.




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I've fished the 1000 isles for years. I love it up there. I have a bayliner that I bring up for the week. I haven't been there in a few years now. The last time I was there I had just started yak fishing and only had my 10' sit in yak and was a little timid about the big water up there. There usually is a pretty strong w wind and that kicks the waves up pretty good. I would throw the yak in the bayliner and find a nice shallow bay, anchor up and launch from the mother ship. The water up there is pristine, crystal clear, and on a calm day you can see 20' to the bottom. Lots of rocky shoals and boulders, scary with a boat, cool with a yak! The fishing used to be better a few years back, there are lots of smallies and pike, and a perch dinner is a piece of cake to get. I never caught a musky there, but they are definately there. Later in the fall is prime musky time. Night time fishing is best for wallye, black bucktails tipped with nightcrawlers jigged off the bottom is the ticket. Fishing hot spots maps are excellent and you can get them at Gander Mtn, 3 different ones available, west, central, and east. Lots of campgrounds up there. I stay at West Winds in Clayton. They have cabins and motel rms. I am thinking about heading back up there next year, so many places to fish, so little time! Anything I can help you with just ask. Dan

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