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Ross reel St.Croix fly rod

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Ross canyon Big Game 4 spooled with sci-anglers floating saltwater line...i lived in Florida when i bought it so its t warm water line. has neoprene case $300.00


St.croix Avid 9' 9wt rod ...which is actually 8'and about 8 inches..I think i whacked it with a clouser.The tip broke at the second eye which about 4 inches down . I took the eye off the tip and moved it down ..it still cast fine to me .Thats why i never sent it back to st.croix.. Rod comes with hard case. $75

you can always send it back to st.croix for 50 bucks .i originally paid $200.00. The price tag is actually still on it.nov2008009.jpgnov2008007.jpg


Rod and reel used maybe 3 or 4 times before i moved back to New York.Both are in great condition .save for the tip being busted of on the rod.

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