The only land we ever asked for was enough land to bury our dead....

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110 posts in this topic this day of griping over $4/gallon gas, take a moment this weekend to remember those who paid the utlimate price for our countries and others continued freedom.



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Hey Cap,

As I view your posts I cry. Your visuals should be required teaching for all our young people. It is estimated that 292,000 American soldiers died in

WW II. My Dad was pulled out of the Ardennes just before the offensive move started. His Dad had died and the sole surviving son rule kicked in. According to my Dad, he needed to be physically restrained and separated from his Company because he would not leave his buddies behind. He was just a common Infantryman. He was shipped home. At that time in history, there was a real threat to our shores. Not sure about today. I think the Military was the best thing that ever happened to my Dad and to me. I am a Veteran but, I just don't know what to tell my Grandson about today's military. I am cautious about recommending him joining. I know it will make him a better person but at what cost? Parents are not instilling Patriotism in their kids anymore. Guys like us need to spread the word. Nuff said. Thank You Vets!


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