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Sea Hawk Food List Thread

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Got a few people already inquiring about foodbiggrin.gif


Theresa is making some Mexican Lasagna which is pretty damn good icon14.gif


RobS may be making some other pasta dish.


Mick is having his wife make meatballs.


I'll probably bring a case or two of water.


Anyone else wish to bring something, please post it here so we know what else we may or may not need. Thanks! HappyWave.gif


Just thought this needed its own thread.biggrin.gif

The Magnificent Presence
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View PostCould someone please tell Mick's wife to tell Mick that the boat would rather that Mick make his venison stew instead of Micks wife making meatballs.


Thanks. smile.gif



Tell you what Michael..I spied your Gumbo in the food forum..if you bring that, I will make the stew..prime venison of course.

Your Welcomesmile.gif


ps. my wifes meatballs ain't nothin to sneeze at.

The Magnificent Presence
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View PostWould you mind making some of them diet for us diabetics?



1 12 pack is enough, or should I get more Diet? I dont' care one way or the other, I'll drink water or beer.

"the internet is the greatest platform for people who don't know anything, to tell people how much they don't know, to people who don't know anything and believe everything they read."
-Billy 40:16

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