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Lot #6 - Job gone offshore


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Since my team's jobs (mine too) went offshore, I am putting up several lots of items for sale. Contents of this lot are:


- 1 710Z reel in good condition with 20# fireline Crystal on spool. The line was on for about 3 trips. The reel is NOT new, it is in what I consider very good shape. A few blemishes on the decal on the spool, but no other marks. I just cleaned the inside, oiled & greased with red lithium grease. Not packed but good coverage, this method has worked for me for a few years now.


- 1 Nautil 6500 (black) in good working order. Used a little bit but no signs of problems or issues. 1 Nautil 6500 (black) with bad gears. Use it for spare parts. Both Nautil boxes & papers (not in photos) , 2 Mitchell reel bags, 2 Nautil spool cases, etc. 6 spools, 2 that hold 155yds of 12# & 4 that hold 210# of 14# test. 1 of the 210 yd capacity spools is loaded with yellow 30# TufLine XP & the other is loaded with 30# Stealth + a 40# fluoro leader.


Price for the entire lot is $125, including shipping (US Priority mail to the North East).


If you just want the Penn 710z I am asking $65 including shipping.


If you just want the Nautil lot I am asking $80 including shipping.


I accept MO, bank checks or least desirable is PayPal. PM me for details. 1st to accept wins.


Thanks for looking - all the best - Manny





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