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Giants fan or Jets fan................

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Big Blue since 1972. Although last night was the first time I ever rooted for the Jetscwm27.gifbeers.gif I have always been a Favre fan.


On the baseball side I am a Red Sox fan ever since I could play. Here in North central Ct. you get alot of that. Actually in the Nutbag state you see alot of weird team allegiances because we have none of our own!

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Growing up, my dad was and still is a rabid giants fan. my mother would go out on sundays with my brothers and i would stay home and watch my father go absolutely insane (this was the 70's) i would hide a tape recorder under the couch and play it back for my mother when she got home. he always denied it was him. he sounded like Bobby Knight.

early 80's, with simms and taylor i finally started to enjoy watching the game, although 3-12-1 or scott brunner didnt help.


a couple years ago, at 8yo, my son wanted to become an eagles fan (he liked the logo). i told him to pack his bags and get out. he cried. too bad. last year he finally jumped on the bandwagon and now goes nuts during the games. he always has this optomistic attitude during the games while i always have the pessimistic view. i tell him "you wait, they'll let you down, seen it too many times".


i always thought there were two groups of fans, the traditionalist (giants, yankees, rangers, knicks) and the new comers (jets, mets, nets, devils, islanders). that seems to be changing over the years as i see a lot of jet/yankee fans. me, i root for giants and rangers. couldnt care less about baseball or basketball.

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