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Bout How Hard/How Much To Put On Lift Kit

Drew David

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So if I wanted to put a 3" lift kit on my 1997 Nissan Pickup, how hard would that be? And how much would it cost me to do so?


The kit iteself is only $200 but what else would I have to do?


The truck is relatively low to the ground but I would even consider a 2". So what's your thoughts?




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1" lift...for $200?

Spacers? Body lift?

Easy. But if you're going to do a 1" lift...why even bother?


If you're serious about it, go for full suspension set up between 3 and 6 inches (depending on truck, purpose, etc.).

A correct set up will include full suspension set up, new shocks, new brake lines (front-pretty much always, rears-sometimes), and diff gears (if really done the right way), driveline adjustments, and possibly wheels+tires.

The above will run you a few thousand, but you can shave off a lot of the cost by doing majority of the work yourself-if you're able to.

Body lifts and spring spacers are cheap...but considered "meh" at best as far as lifts go.



As far as I know, and aside from spacers, no one makes a 1" inch susp. lift.


For what it's worth...


N = R*fp nefl fi fcL

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