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Braid on an old rod?

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I inherited a couple of vintage (maybe early 80's) Goose-Hummock fiberglass surf rods a few months ago and was wondering about the durability of the rod guides, which appear to be aluminum or stainless steel (that's an uneducated guess). I want to rig these babies with braided line (30 lbs. test), but I'm not sure if that's such a good idea. Will the braid eat a groove in the guides over time? What braid is thought to be the least abrasive? Fireline? headscratch.gif


If you need more information to form an opinion let me know. Thanks!

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I'd be more concerned with a reel than a rod concerning braid. Test the existing guides (a dry Q-Tip dragged through each will usually find any grooves). Fireline isn't actually a braid but regardless, if the guides are good, it will be dogs ages before you cut a groove in them. Use em', wear em out and then worry about it.

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Braid is brutal on any equipment new or old, for many reasons, and yes braid will cut those guides it all depends on how heavily you fish. Fireline is not really a braid, it is more sensitive than mono, less stretch than mono, and not as hard on equipment as braid.

If you want to keep those rods original over time dont use braid.

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View PostI cut those old guides with mono back in the day. So glad we moved on to ceramic. I would not recommend using them.



Same here. The tip, and the 2-3 guides nearest the tip, would last an average of two seasons with mono. Depending on what you were throwing, and how much grit the line picked up, sometimes the tip wouldn't even last that long. That's why we used carboloy tips back then, and sometimes carboloy guides on conventionals.


Of course, the problem with carboloy was that the guide ring would break if you breathed heavy on it.


Modern braids are no more abrasive than Dacron.

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