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So I'm down in the basement...

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Mr. Dad

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View PostSince it is the house, it is most likely a black snake. They climb walls and come in through small openings and even unused chimneys.



Black snakes are known to be aggressive. If you see it, grab it and throw it at the bear. Could be a real smackdown!


(geez- you got alot of critter issues huh?)

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I'm down there pretty regular and didn't notice it.....that don't mean it wasn't there but my tool box is near there so I'm over on that side pretty often......we get a mouse now and then but aren't over run....we have them cave crickets too which may be a food source for a garter I guess.....these things shed in late October/early November?....I figured they'd be laying low which is another reason I guess it could be an old shed. headscratch.gif

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