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Trolling motors mounted on the main outboard, opinions?

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I used to have a bow mounted trolling motor on my old boat (19ft CC Trophy) and it worked pretty well for what I needed. My new boat, (21Ft Polar CC) does not have any room for a bow mount, so I was thinking about trying a outboard engine mounted trolling motor. Does anyone have any experience with these types of trolling motors? Positive or negative feedback appreciated.

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My buddy had one, and was in the same situation as you. he had previously owned a bow mounted TM, upgraded to a larger boat with a bow rail he didn't feel like cutting. He found that the stern-specifically a motor mounted trolling motor moved the boat forward fine, but as far at turning it was a bit challenging. Obviously the bow mounted TM motors, pulls the boat around and can push or pull the bow easier, (turning) with less effort than the stern. I guess it depends on what sort of application of current, troll and menuvability you desire.


Bayliner makes some of their boats with a shelf like looking modification for bow mounted trolling motors with models of limited space and bow rails.

There is a pic of what I am describing on their website of it.


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I use a stern mounted troller, because wanted to keep the fore deck clear for fly casting. The stern mount works ok but not great as has been said for steering the boat. It does it's job and is much better than not having one. I would not want my troller attached to the main motor as I like to maneuver the trolling motor by hand as I fish. I don't know how you would work direction without turning the steering wheel. Hope someone who has such a system will cime in. JP

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