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Tuna got himself stuck

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Hi Folks,


On Sunday at around 4:00 PM my son-in-law was fishing the Manoloking beach and was surprised to see a yellowfin tuna approximately 4 to 5 feet long stuck in the trough between the sand bar and the beach. The fish was obviously panicked and was alternating surging at the sand bar, and then beaching himself. When beached, it would thrash violently until it worked itself back into the water, to repeat the process. By the time he left the beach, he thought that the fish must have worked it's way around the bar and back into deeper water since he could no longer see or hear it. Though it was dark by the time he left the beach. Has anyone heard of such a thing in the past? Why would a tuna of that size be so close to the shore in shallow water? Could this have been an older fish in poor health? I'd appreciate hearing some views on this. headscratch.gifheadscratch.gif

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That's exactly what happened a couple of months ago (or less) on LBI (Holgate I think). Long fin tuna got caught as the tide went out. Guy tried to help it back, but when that wasn't going to happen he dragged it up on the beach and filleted it!

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I was almost going to be a marine biologist specializing in shark, big game fish, whales, but no freshwater. I'll take a crack at this mystery.


Well it is very possible that a predator chased it out of its deep water zone into a shallower area but even then it would be easy for the tuna to get back to the deep water if it was in a decent health, these things have massive amounts of energy that do not expend easy.


So I will have to go with the injured/diseased/dying hypothesis on this one. First of all that tuna is definitely crazy for being in that close, and then the fact that it was panicking means it was in a state of desperation. They only get that way when chased by predators (I don't know how many natural predators are around that area for a 4-5 foot tuna), they are dying/injured/diseased and or on their last breath.


That would not be an optimal fish to eat because of the possibilities of disease and the different strains of bacteria that attack diseased fish. A lot of these bacteria that are really bad are products of our own human development but cannot be directly linked to one source. It wouldn't be much dirtier than any other fish, but the chance of you contracting a different strain of bacteria that could make you sick is small from a diseased fish. But just the possibilities with all of the crap in the ocean I wouldn't take my chances with eating a diseased/injured fish. I let the natural cycle take care of them and I will stick to eating only healthy keepers.


So very big possibility it is diseased, injured, was chased by a predator and the predator was still at bay keeping the fish beached. But without further evidence it is hard to tell you exactly what the situation was.



Things you would have to note if you did want to know:


1. Pattern of erratic movement coming from the fish (is the fish constantly defecating?)

2. Discoloration of the gills/scales around gills

3. Eye dialation/coloring (this is a very big tell sign for a diseased fish)

4. Topographical layout of the shore bottom around the area

5. Pictures, pictures, pictures!!

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View PostYeah, it couldn't have gotten stuck chasing all that bait in the slough! No way! Longfin aren't EVER seen inside the 100 fathom line either headscratch.gifHappyWave.gif


Fish don't get big by being dumb, that is the only reason when someone talks of large fish like that I rule out the stupid fish theory. But hey, ya never know.

"If you were guaranteed to catch fish it would be called catching, not fishing."
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The fish on LBI was a Longfin. I wouldnt have believed it myself but saw pic's of it.


I think all fish at times become so excited on bait they forget where they are at. im sure it happens more than what we SEE.

I've seen small sharks do it.


And I agree with others...permit or no permit...I'd b out there grabbin', catchin', wranglin' that tuna! He'd be invited to dinner!



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