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Stolen Hunter Plug Bag

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Green Machine

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I was contacted this past Sunday (11/9) by a customer who advised that his white Hunter square plug bag was stolen from the inside of his vehicle while it was parked on the east end of Long Island in the Moriches Inlet area. The bag was loaded with a number of quality lures - including Hab's needlefish.Because most of the Hunter square bags (to date) have been built with black sailcloth, this would be considered a rare find.


The owner has alerted me to this just in case someone (the thief) calls for a modification - claiming they purchased it used and would like something added, etc.


I'd like to go one step further by reaching out to the SOL community and ask that you kindly "keep an eye out" for the bag or possibly a re-sale attempt. A police report has been filed by the owner & the best way to approach a person found using this bag is not to approach them at all, but get a license plate # if possible. If you do get a tag # or see it for sale somewhere, please contact me & I will forward the info accordingly.


Thanks very much for reading and lookin' out for one of our members personal property icon14.gif



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What a bunch of BS. It just amazes me that fellow fisherman could do this. Knowing the amount of time, dedication, money and love that goes into this sport. How does robbing a fellow fisherman even cross your mind? And how the hell do you live with the guilt? Really is unbelievable.

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Yeah really sad, I can't believe someone would steal that. Definitely will keep a look out in the for sale section. This makes me think twice about leaving our plug bags open on the back of the pickup while we are out wading in the water.

"If you were guaranteed to catch fish it would be called catching, not fishing."
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View PostSorry to hear about this, did they break into the car or was it unlocked? If it was unlocked it still sucks but also a lesson for us all to lock up our things and trust nobody.





best lesson of all is to keep stuff outta sight as best as possible !


and remember - with a tanking economy, thievery will get worse before it gets better

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mad.gif The only thing LOWER than stealing in general is stealing a mans FISHING GEAR. I hope this rat is caught and prosecuted! We can only hope the judge is a fisherman. I keep all my gear covered and out of sight. Last year fishing Sandy Hook I was gearing up when I noticed the Suburban next to me left his doors unlocked and the drivers side window cracked 3". The vehicle was bristling with custom rods and every VS model ever made, dashboard electronics and who knows what else. I was geared and ready to roll and still no owner so I checked for keys in the ignition, seeing none I locked the doors and headed out. When I got to the rip I asked who owned the Suburban with all the fancy gear. A guy at the end of the line piped up, with a bit of attitude that it was his. When I told him he left it unsecured and everything in plain sight he started cursing and reeling while almost running backcwm31.gif . He lost the attitude when I told him to relax, keep fishing, I locked it for you and be happy i'm not a thief. He was relieved, apologized for the 'tude. He said he had a lousy day at work and just needed to fish so he was in a hurry. It takes time and money to amass the essential gear. It only takes a second for a dirtbag, lowlife thief to steal it.
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For those who asked - east side of inlet.


Thanks to all for the responses. Whoever stole it probably knew exactly what they were taking (especially the rare plugs), but doesn't realize that there were very few square bags built in all white sailcloth. Chances are, the person will either use the bag or may look to sell it on Ebay...


Who knows...best thing is to keep an eye out at this point.


Thanks again guys smile.gif

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