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Moses fields

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Why on earth do you need a permit to fish the beaches during the day??? I went sunday around 1pm. I get to field 2. See a weird road block/you can pass type. Now I get inside, and Im telling my gf it is ok to park here. So she starts checking peoples windows for permits. A few cars had them. And a few cars did not. On one car. There was a ticket.


I cant belive you need a permit to fish during the day now over there. How wrong is that. O well guess I ll have to get the pass for her car too.

One Fish from the Surf, Equals 10 Fish on a Boat!
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It is really very simple. During the daytime only field 5 is open to the general public, fields 2,3 and 4 are open to fisherman with permits only. If you are fishing during the day and do not have a permit you are not allowed anywhere but field 5.

After sundown if you do not have a night permit or a NYS 4-wheel drive permit you are not allowed to park anywhere in the park. If you have a pass you cannot park in field 5 (day use only) after dark but all other fields are open. Buy the permit it's only $20, all the rules are spelled out on the back of the permit.

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