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Has anyone tried this

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View PostIt came up in the Long Island forum Would a Pork rind work on any plug that has a single rear hook that is eithere dressed or not?


Hell Yeah it will.


I proved it in 1978[my intro to saltwater,I was 14 years old] on a big daddy goo-goo eyes swimmer[remove the 4/0 treble and put on a stainless single].we used to put on either yellow or red pig and allow them to swim in the current while we held them in place.


worked like a charm back then.


have not done that in years,thanks for reminding me.will try it next spring.


my partner "Demon" was one of our crew that did it as well.


try it,,,you'll see!




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A small red bass strip on a needlefish is very, very sexy HappyWave.gif


You wouldn't want to put it on a rear treble because it will get tangled in the treble while fishing - now it's a glob on the rear hook and not sexy at all redface.gif



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View Postmay I ask why you would replace the treble with a single if using the trailer? I don't have alot of experience with trailers so excuse the ignorance.



It makes life easier when unhooking a fish, espically if you release them.

And the last thing you want is to try o get a treble out of a bluefishes mouth. cwm31.gif

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depends on what you're trying to present

on a danny, eh maybe. on a needle, sure

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