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Most interesting thing you learned this year?

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What was the single most interesting thing you learned this year?


Seems that no matter how many years I am in the game, or how many trips I log, there is always something new.


What did you learn?


For me, I learned more about the needlefish - not so much the lure as the needlefish (the critter) as a legit bait fish. I was lucky enough to see some innings where small bait were herded both by smaller bass, but also needlefish. I watched the bass moving in and out of the schools of small bait, but not actively feeding. Then I watched the needlefish take their turn on the small bait, eventually coaxing the bass to blitz on the small bait too. Although I didn't see any larger bass in the mix, I had this feeling that come night fall, there would be bigger bass in there, and that the needlefish themselves might become a target. I was later able to confirm this.


All in all, this totally put to rest the old notion that needles only worked when sand eels were present. In fact, I now even wonder what that original plug maker was thinking when the very first needle was created.

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Like John, I learned a lot more about the bait movement, and migration. Me and My brother spent a lot of time wetsuiting and snorkling, catching different bait, observing bait movement and it helps you understand a lot. Like the pipe fish, It sits on the bottom,with slow movement and twitches to get away. Perfect to do with a SS needlefish, because it has the same bait profile as it, and you can mimic the movement. Also, If youve ever seen a scared porgie or school of snappers, they almost "dart" quickly in unicine.

just some stuff to pick up.


Limit your catch, not catch your limit.

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1. Live Beaver is better than live bait.






3. Jet skis still suck.



4. If you hook it, you can release it............if you shoot it, you probably live in a trailerpark in Va.



5. If you can read this post you didn't steal my signwink.gif

I like EVERYONE, except for some people.
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