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mono or braid for small stream trout


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8 mins ago, hobobob said:

Every tumble in the air, spiral free fall upon landing all add up. Just think how many cast you made in a day. Something is keep adding twist to your line slowly, not just on retrieving. I would also check if the line roller is free spinning even on light pressure. MY buddy's cabelas verano 2000 ( Daiwa balistic? ) is very prone to line twist because the line roller is on a bushing some it doesn't rotate very freely on UL lures. 


Mindful of derailing this thread...but the line roller is soaked through with TSI-321, the reel is a new 2506 Theory and the line roller spins at the lightest pressure. 


This has plagued me for years. I'm convinced there is twist being added between the lure and the reel, ie the light, limp braid is twisting around itself w/o any lure input. Likely culprit is the connection knot passing through the guides on the cast or retrieve. I even alternate right and left side arm casts to see if I can counter any twist that's happening on the cast. 


My next experiment is tying up a long, 15ft leader and seeing if that pushes the knot far enough back into the cast that it won't twist the braid. Or, I can be completely off base and it is indeed lure-induced...but my light baitcasters never do this with similar baits.  

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2 hours ago, buddha162 said:


Jay, how long is your leader? I am getting pretty horrible line twist in the 8lb J braid grand...alberto knot to 8ft of 6lb leader. 

I am using a 10-12' leader with a little braid is just showing above the bail roller when I cast.


I have not had problems with J-Braid twisting on my Shimano reels.  You may want to check and lubricate you bail roller to make sure it is rolling freely. Letting about 100' of line or more behind you in a moving boat and down a riffle with nothing on the end, letting it unwind in the current, and then pinching and reeling the line back in can help.

"May your travels always take you to where the water meets the shore"

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On 11/11/2008 at 11:32 PM, the_tin_squid said:

I use 6 pound fireline on my ultralight gear.


I treat river fishing for trout as tiny sized canal fishing.


A lot of the same fishing scenarios, only miniaturized. Trade the big jagged dishwasher sized rocks for smooth softball sized rocks.


Some 4-6 pound flouro for a topshot and every lure that gets hung up on a rock or stump or stupid overhanging tree branch comes back to you. Well worth it in my opinion.

do u use FC for your 6lb fireline?

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About 99% of any trout fishing that I've done has been with fly gear, and have used mono type leader & tippet materials. Otherwise, have used Ande or Silver Thread on some ultra light spin gear and see no need for braid on such a set up. However, I have used 15 lb braid on a float n fly outfit for bass & panfishing, (8'6" spin rod) and although it worked well, saw no advantage to it over using the mono type lines, so gave up using the braid for that purpose. Braid on heavier tackle makes a lot more sense to me. 


Now, on my fly gear and some other tackle, I use Yozuri Hybrid and it's worked well, especially for bass or targeting other larger fish. I use 4 lb on some fly gear as tippet material for panfishing & trout, and prefer it over the other mono lines I've used, but I still like the Ande & Silver Thread on a spinning reel.


BTW, trout are not all that smart either. :howdy:

No one likes to be behind the big truck, but it's better than being under it! 

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