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704z vs 707z Gear Bearing??????

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I was under the impression that for the most part the 704 and 706 were the same.


differences i thought of..


cup, line roller, bearing retainer, no cup break, line roller, handle and spool...


i was going through the reel schematics because i was planning on giving my reel a cleaning / tune up...


I came accross a part that is on the 706 but not 704.. not sure if you can add then to the 704 or what..


its part# 55-320 Gear Bearing.. it goes between the main gear and the housing (see image).


it appears to be inplace of the inner bushing..


so.. are the housings the same between the 706 and 704 and can this part be added to the 704?


edit.. can't get image to work.. here is a link..





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The 55-300 gear bearing was only used on the last 706's made. it weas not used on the green 706's nor the early black 706z's. I also think that it was never used on the 707z's. The gear houseings for the 704 and 706 greenies are the same as is the early 706 gear houseings. At one time Penn even sold a conversion kit to convert the 704 to a 706.

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View Postso if one was to say use the older 706z, then use the newer style w/ the gear bearing.. would they notice a difference?


You can't use the latest style in the older ones, the older ones don't have the cut for the bearing

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