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Flounder question.............

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Mr. Bigdeal

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Was at a supermarket yesterday............passed the fish counter and there before me was a sign which read;



Flounder / Wild Caught

$6.39 lb.


And there they lay..........


Figured they were farm raised as they were only about 10"........Wild Caught


Can't figure this one...............


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The size limits and seasonal restrictions are only for us poor recreational fisherman. The commercial fishermen have no such ball and chain - but yet the recreational guys are responsible for depleting the stock? kooky.gif Go figure...

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View PostWent to a market in NYC (China town) last week and seen several of the biggest fluke I've seen all year. These things were the size of halibut. Where can you legally take fluke at this time of the year?



Can you or I? No

But the biggest fluke I've ever seen from the comm's are in January\\February, and they're all full of eggs. I've seen 250lb boxes that have had no more than 15 fluke in them.


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I've seen very small fillets marketed as flounder recently as well at whole foods. The fishmonger told me they were from Nova Scotia. At first I doubted that they were winter flounder, but apparently the range is up to Labrador.


And as for farm raised flounder: as of 2 years ago, attempts at farmraising winter or summer flounder had not been successful (according to a biologist speaking at a CUNY lecture series about prospects for NYC aquaculture). Any one have any current information about this?

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