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The next couple weeks should be interesting, Winter is almost upon us, got a get it in while you still can up north here. Tying up some bunker patterns, still seeing some adults but haven't seen the peanuts in mass yet.

I have been spending time checking out David Nelson's website, love the Squimpish flies and I would suggest anyone who is into tying check them out...great stuff. I wanted to play around with folding the tips of peacock and ostrich feathers and palmering them to form heads of flies, creates alot of bulk with little weight.


The peanut...

- 2/0 TMC 600SP

- white flat waxed

- white BT

- pink dubbing loop palmered to 3/8" from hook eye

- clump of pink/white blended BT tied on top half of shank

- 3 cream saddles...1 on top of shank, the other 2 on both sides of shank(I used a good amount of flexament to hold saddles in place and keep them from fouling

- tied in white ostrich feather tip, folded in half and palmered to hook eye

- black GSP thread

- topped with 6 thin grey saddle hackles

- jungle cock eyes


The adult...

- 4/0 Mustad C70S

- grey flat waxed

- white BT with flexament

- 2 white hackles, one curve up then one curved down on top

- 2 long saddle hackles tented (flexament added)

- tan webby hackle feather tied in with dubbing loop palmer both halfway up shank

- clump of pink/tan/blue/brown BT tied on top of shank

- 2 grey saddles tented

- tie in tan peacock eye, fold in half and palmer, then tie in another and do the same

- black GSP thread

- top with 5 dark brown dun saddle hackles (added flexament from the tie in point, about 3/4 inch back to keep from fowling)

- jungle cock eyes


It has always been my private conviction that any man who pits his intelligence against a fish and loses has it coming. ~John Steinbeck
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Dyno-mite! They both look really good to me. Congrats on the ties and new-found inspiration with David Nelson's Squimpish flies.


I really like his style of incorporating Spey & Dee fly tying techniques & materials into saltwater streamer patterns. One thing I have discovered when fishing flies palmered with folded ostrich feathers. They tend to be very fouly when there is that much bulk as showing in P'nut, top picture. I have since started stripping my feathers along the shaft using 1/2 of the fibers. Same effect, less foully. In any case, awesome patterns, thanks for sharing!


In the adult; you're using the clump of tan/pink/blue/brown BT under the tented saddles for support and anti-fouling? Similar in fashion to how Wendell ties collars for his P'Nuts, except there's no emphasis on getting the hackles vertical for a high profile. Nice way to incorporate styles. This is just one more example why forums like this are so useful.


Great job!




I have a great source for Ostrich feathers of all sizes/colors at reasonable prices, shoot me a PM for info if interested.

Life is too precious to fish ugly flies.
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