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Is a good hitch a safety feature?


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One of those odd thoughts that comes while unstuffing myself from waders, earlier today .... given the propensity people have for hanging tow cables, etc. off things that can't begin to take the strain, is a good hitch something we should all install just to protect our own vehicles in case we need to be hauled out of something we can't dig our way out of? Just thinking. Your thoughts?

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Having a good hitch is not a bad idea. Or even installing tow hooks to the bottom of the frame.

Another option is buying a tow V strap that has the frame hooks for your vehicle.


Some thing like the picture Darth Baiter posted.


On most cars and trucks there are slotted holes on the side of the frame, front and rear, those hooks work in those slotted holes.

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The frame hold-downs are not designed for snatching a vehicle out of being stuck. Pull with a winch, sure, but there are not many do-gooders with winches. If the hold-downs are reinforced then maybe.


Frames are made "lighter" than ever before, vehicles have "crumple zones" now. These ain't your old trucks anymore.


I use inertia to get someone unstuck. You don't want me doing that with a chain. I will not abuse my vehicle by yanking a chain.


A class 3 or better hitch, is a must, if you care about your vehicle, and there is a chance of being stuck. If you have no recovery points, then I can't help you other than to lend you a shovel. The shovel does not work by itself.

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View PostSorry DB, my intentions were not to promote the seller, just posted on a fly this morning.


Clearly understood. And my intentions were not to criticize but to illustrate a way to comply with established guidelines and still make a valid point.


Back to the topic, like Charliestone I also have front and back receivers. My front uses the tow hook mounts and the original tow hooks mount below so I have stock grab points. My preference is to shovel first and tow as a last resort. I've pulled some people out of holes because they buried it to the frame and there was no choice. I've also refused to tow anything bigger than what I drive, which right now is a full sized SUV. I've watched the Rangers at IBSP winch people out, less strain on the drive-train and very effective.

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That's a thought, of course, but I'm not going to put a winch on my 4runner.

Haven't ever come close to needing it. (At that, I haven't used the shovel in the years since buying it either. I did have to dig out the Explorer that preceded the 4runner, once.) A nice receiver hitch has enough other uses, like towing things, that I might just do that, sometime this coming year.

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If you don't have a properly mounted tow point on the rear, a trailer hitch receiver is an excelent option. Just don't try towing anything with a strap off of a hitch ball, that is just VERY DANGEROUS.


Get a shackle reciever hitch like this one:



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