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2 Hab's 3.5oz Stubbys


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For the record, people are free to offer whatever they want - it is only insulting if you take it that way and it's only a problem when you respond with anything more than 'no thank you'.


And for the crap about profiting from someone's demise - that's crap. It's supply and demand, nothing more. The supply is limited, they are not being produced any longer so demand can only go up. It has nothing to do with profiting from anyone's demise, no matter how people want to try and twist it. You think Michelangelo ever got $100 for one of his paintings much less millions?


If you aren't buying or selling, stay out of these threads - AND if you think someone is offering an insulting low price IGNORE THEIR OFFER COMPLETELY. How better to insult them back then to pretend they don't exist? cwm40.gif Responding with anything more than yes or no can be just as insulting and antagonizing - and just as wrong.



Show someone how to catch striped bass and they'll be ready to fish anywhere.
Show someone where to go striped bass fishing and you'll have a desperate report chaser with loose lips.

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