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If you could move....

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I just found out that I'm going to have to vacate my home - leased, and not worth the money it would cost the owner to replace the furnace, etc (1900 era house).


So - if you could move anywhere as a sportsman (Job is not considered, I'm retired military), where would you go?

I've sort of narrowed it to either coast of Florida, MS, LA, or AR. Plus and minus to each. While I love all types of fishing, fly is favorite. I also like my bird/duck hunting. Getting to old for Vermont winters anyway.


If anyone has lived in one of these states, I'd appreciate input.

Thanks, Les

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Hey Flatbow. If you were to ask ME where I would move, I'd say Arizona. It has the highest number of boats per captita that any other state. Plus, it's nice weather all year long, and my parents live there half the year.


But if you are considering coastal interests, I would look at the Outer Banks in NC, or the Chesapeake area of MD and VA. It is beginning to seem that hurricanes are a thing of the past in the NC area, and the Chesapeake holds so much wonder and beauty.


I'd move to any of these places in a heartbeat if the job allowed.

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Apologies for not reading the specifics. I've just always wanted to live in Maine and if someone could miraculously beam me up and move me -- that's where I'd want to go. Acadia Nat'l Park, lobster 24/7..... heart.gif


There's plenty of great places to live where the winters aren't that harsh and the fishing is good. Follow the birds south for winter. wink.gif

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View PostI lived in MS for 3 months in the summer.....hot as S***. Heard LA is similar. Just my 2 Cents


Actually the summer weather is great with the beach breeze. 2 blocks inland and you will be swimming in your own sweat.

LA don't have much beach its mostly swamp but you could probably live close to the border and have the best of both worlds.icon14.gif

Give a man a fish and he eats for a day..... Teach a man to fish and he will lose all you"re tackle!
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View PostRI coast.... and never leaving.


Thats not what I heard!smile.gif


I have lived in LA and it is nice but I moved to Southwest Florida where I have been for 9 yrs now. Fishing and hunting are great here and do I really need to go on about the weather it was 80 today with a lite breeze with no humidity.biggrin.gif

What you do with your time is more important than the amount of time you have.

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I second the Ches Bay VA. I lived there when young... stuck now in landlocked NC and I'd move back in a heartbeat if I could do what I do there.


To get a peek take a look at the Urbana VA thread in boating section.


Oh, and ducks? Place is duck city, up the rivers.


On second thought... don't move there. I want there to be some room left for when I retire


I won't tolerate your intolerance, because I hate hate.

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Thanks folks, I appreciate all the input so far....

Tell the truth, I was stationed in many of the states mentioned. Problem was, I lived in "military towns", which many know suck overall.

For me, Arizona is out, mostly because of the summer heat.

Forgot Virginia, had a pretty good time while stationed at Little Creek, VA.

MO? Never been there, have to do some checking.


As for Maine, it surely is beautiful, but unless you own an oil company, or are hot blooded to the extreme, stay away - no work,high prices, and those pretty snow scenes coupled with below zero weather get old after the first month or so.



I know wherever I get to, it won't have everything - but I'd like to get as close as possible.


Got some good ideas going here, please keep them coming.


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