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nite and gals for pencils


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looking for habs and habs jr pencils, prefer canal specials but also looking for 3oz then will look at 2oz.


hoping to see some yellow, white, white w/red head, but will look at all habs or habs jr pencil offers.


the charcoal swirl is new no package, the open yellow has been used for about 6 casts and the chartreuse in the torn package is new in torn package, the other 2 are nip.


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View Postone yellow/white and an all white hab's Jr 3oz pencils for the charcoal, open yellow and chartruese ripped package???




deal. I will throw them in with the needles.




still 2 nip n&g's up for now, till I come to my senses.


hoping to get habs sr's for 'em.

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