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Essential trailers for jigs?

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What trailers should i get for jigs in the surf (mainly 3/4-2oz jigs)? Is there an advantage of the pork rind over a plastic twister tail? I'd rather use plastic b/c of less mess and to avoid stinking up the box.....but if the pork rinds are better I'll keep them. Do those use pork rind keep them on the hook after u're done for the day. What size twister tails or pork rinds should I get? Favorite colors?

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If you leave a pork rind on the hook you will have a tough time getting it off later. And once dried out the pork rinds are useless. However, one bite from a blue fish and your curly tail is most likely gone. Pork rind can stop a hook from hooking a fish, plastic not so much.



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Okay - there are any number of things you can use as trailers on bucktails. Some are interchangeable, some are not. All of them will effect the sink rate one way or the other on your bucktail. (Sink rates are also effected by how much hair is on the bucktail, whether it is real or synthetic, and the shape of the bucktail jig.)

All that being said, there are pluses and minus for all trailers based on the conditions you are fishing on a particular day or night. So you need to experiment for yourself and see what produces the best in what conditions.


Here is a list of some of the trailers I've used on bucktails and have produced for me.

Uncle Josh pork rind - several sizes and colors with 70S my favorite size.

Uncle Josh Black Widow Eels 6" & 9" (night on black bucktails)

Bass Assassin Eel Assassin

Bass Assassin Sea Shads - 4", 5", 6"

Curly tail grubs - 5", 6", 8"

Sluggo - 6", 7", 9"



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I think 5" chartreuse salt & pepper Kalin's Lunker Grubs qualify as essential trailers for 1-2 oz jigs. 4" curly tail grubs (Berkley, Kalin's, Zoom, Mister Twister, etc.) often match well with 1/2 - 3/4 oz bucktails. It seems to me that some plastics can add more bulk, water resistance, bouyancy and vibration to the lure than pork rind, which can result in a "noisier", more visible, slower and/or more shallow presentation. That may or may not be helpful, depending on the specific conditions! Pork rind left on some hooks can result in bad corrosion.


Good fishing! FB

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