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mystery rod?

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i've got an old, fiberglass rod that someone gave me a while ago that i'm thinking of wrapping some new guides on & using it for a 704Z i have. it's got the old style push-in wooden handle & is just under 10' 6" when put together. there's a small decal on it that says DAVEGA . anyone out there hear about or know anything about it?


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I might be all wrong here but here is my take,,,Davega was the name of a chain of stores in New York back in the 50's. They sold sporting goods among other things. The rod probably was retailed through the store with the Davega name on it, as to who made the rod, I have no clue.

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Born in West Paterson , 1942, I knew downtown Paterson very well , the name Devaga does not strike a note at all , there was Paterson Rod & Gun , G I JIMMY 'S , both on Main street , the name Modell's is fimiliar , but I believe it came along in the early 60's , by the end of the 50's , Paterson was dying, all the major businesses were moving out of the city , to malls , rents were too high , people were afraid of what was going on in the city , so business died , but on a positive note , the best HOT DOG you will ever have is right at the Paterson Falls , a place started back in the 30's , same name , same TASTE, LIBBY'S TEXAS WEINERS, if your ever in the area , try them , you will not be dissapointed ! PS no place could I find who made the rods for them

Davega Stores


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Davega Stores was a consumer durables,[1] appliance,[2] sporting goods - apparel chain which operated twenty-seven stores in the metropolitan New York City area, in 1954. The business was founded by I. Davega in 1879 at Third Avenue (Manhattan) and 34th Street (Manhattan). H. M. Stein was the company's president in the mid 1950s. Its vice-president was Abram Davega, son of I. Davega.[3] The firm was a division of the Atlas Stores Corporation.[4]

Among the products sold by the retailer were televisions, radios,[5] and baseball board games.[6] The Kolster Radio Corporation signed an agreement with Davega Stores in late 1928, representing a significant addition to the retail outlets of the radio merchandise dealer.[7]


[edit] Business history


Davega Stores fourteenth location opened at 166-170 Jamaica Avenue in Jamaica, Long Island, in November 1928.[8] Their twenty-seventh store opened at 924 Flatbush Avenue, [[brooklyn, New York]], in April 1932.[4]

In June 1953 the business announced a sharp increase in profit over the previous year which ended on March 31, 1952. Net income came to $118, 998, amounting to .24 per common share. The firm's inventory increased by $143,000 over the previous year, with an inventory totaling $4,389,000.[1] On December 16, 1953 Davega Stores' directors took no action on a common dividend, which had been .15, paid semiannually to shareholders. A regular quarterly dividend of .25 on 5 per cent preferred stock was declared, payable on January 2, 1954.[9] In May 1954 the firm was generating $25,000,000 in annual revenue.[3]

In April 1954 Davega Stores employed large newspaper space and window displays in marketing Line Drive, a baseball game manufactured by Lord & Freber of Los Angeles, California. The product tested players team-managing ability and playing style.[6]

The corporation opened a new store at 152 West 42nd Street, in the Times Square area, on November 6, 1954.[10] On opening day the store offered bargains like a $20 table radio for .98 and reconditioned television receivers for $7.95. It remained open all night the first day of business and until twelve midnight the following day.[2]


[edit] Bankruptcy


A federal court ordered Davega Stores into straight bankruptcy in April 1963, when its court-appointed trustee could not formulate a reorganization plan under which the chain could pay its debts.[11] Eight of its stores were acquired by Henry Modell & Co., which submitted a winning bid of $311,000 in an April 1963 auction. Henry Modell was the president of the newly formed Modell's Davega, Inc., which combined eight Davega Stores with its four discount locations. Headquarters of the new business was moved to Davega's store in the Commodore Hotel.

ok of Tennis Rackets North American Rackets Update

New information:

Davega Sports

Division of Atlas Stores Corp. of


Probably situated at Fifth Avenue

corner Fifty-Sixth Street

New York



The Atlas Corp. was founded by Floyd

Odlum. In 1932, Odlum bought a

department store in New York and

integrated it into the Atlas Corp.

The company distributed also tennis

"Davego" balls in cans.

Selected racket from a collection:


solid frame, concave,

throat-piece of beach, cedar shingles,

combed. Butt leather.

Estimated: 1930

Davega Sports: Champion, c. 1930

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Tandom , sorry I still can't place it , but I know about that little indent there , there was a side enterance to sears there , Man , you got me going now I can remember Sears sold ALLSTATE cars there , which was actually a Henry J , not to be confussed with Henry Ford , then there was Brook's Dinner, a lot of rainbow people hung out there , if you get my drift , on the other sidr there was R&S STRAUSE , across the street HOUSE OF CHROME , how is that for bring an old BAT !

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Say Frank, if you went on that side st. just before white castle and took that st. up a ways, i think it was paterson ave or st. then you came to the 3 Pep Boys auto store. Also Remember the Broagan Cadillac - Olds dealer? I think it was near madison ave. My neighbor bought a 19641/2 OLDs 442 from them it came out around april or may of that year. Man, what a vehicle.

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Tandom , I am going to have to talk this out with my brother , he is 14 months younger , he may recall it , I got out of that area in 69 , went to Toms River till 2004 , then moved down here , there is a lot of good fishing down here { in the Gulf } , but it is for the most part by boat ! I will get back with you on this !

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