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Plug Bag Additions need some help

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I just wanted a few suggestions on what I should add to my plug bag cause i am kind of low on stuff right now... I got


A few Cordell poppers pencils 7"

A few assorted bombers 7" I have 2 chickenstrach

A bomber pencil popper 7" silver

A few assorted tsunami and yo zuri slash baits

Dozens of Kastmasters and tins I dont need more of these

Many bucktails white 1-3oz

2, 6" bombers


Also just on a side note At this time I am not looking to spend a load of cash on plugs so if you guys could just keep that in mind.


Any suggestions for additions to the bag?

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I would consider a few teasers, and also a couple of metals like T-HEX's or Point Judes.





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A couple of Gibbs bottle plugs( 2 & 3 oz) and needles. You can, for low dollars, get the Gibbs darters, or Super Strike darters, but they'll cost ya more. R.I. Poppers plugs are good, for low $'s as well, and he is a member here too.


Check out the online store here at SOL, Tim has the Gibb's plugs for a good price.smile.gif


Oh, also a couple of littleneck, or Polaris poppers, at least 2 oz's, and a couple of pencil poppers, 2 -3 oz's. I like white or yellow for those.smile.gif

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View PostI am mostly fishing south shore LI beaches some jetties and sand bars


I have a 10 foot rod that can handle 2-5 oz.


I would think that you would want some needlefish if you fish at night. Super Strikes would be a good choice and you should be able to get them under 15 bucks. I would also recommend a super strike 2 3/8 oz. poppper. One large pencil 3oz. plus would not be a bad idea either.

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you've got a good start there. add some dannies (prolly gibbs) and you'll have a fairly well-rounded bag. as you use all the plugs you have, you'll find what works best based on where/how you fish and you can expand that section. there's no point in buying too many random plugs at high prices, unless you know you can confidently fish them with regularity.

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