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WTB - Large Surface Danny's & Large Jointed Eel Surface Swimmers

Striped Bass

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View PostCheck my Mixed Wood post in the plugs for sale. The schoolbus is 3.6 ozs, the Jay1 is 2.6 without hooks.




Yes I saw those thank you, but im all set with those for now.


View PostBig Don's 4.2 Oz. Donnie purple on top and bottom, metallic blue on sides.

$40 shipped



$30.00 shipped and ill take it


View PostNew in felt bag that it comes in. 4oz GRS jointed eel. $50 shipped.

I also have 4oz GRS pikes if interested I can post pictures.


$40.00 shipped and ill take it, and yes I would like to see the other plugs you have.






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View PostThe gold #1 and the blue #3, how much do they weigh, and how deep do they dive?



They weigh around 4oz I am not sure how far they dive I haven't swam one yet. I also have a Deep diver in the black that weighs around 5 1/2oz I dont know how deep it dives either maybe someone can chime in on that. I bought these plugs and they are just to big for me so i never swam them.

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