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6 Lures for Pacific Surf Fishing Costa Rica?

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Robalo Stalker

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Going to Drake Bay, Costa Rica at the end of November '08. I have read a lot of great suggestions for lures for surf fishing Costa Rica on the Forum.


If you could only take Six (6) lures to fish for Snook, Roosterfish, Snapper, etc... from shore at a river mouth along the Pacific - what lures would you take? Please provide Manufacturer, Model, Model # and Color.


Also, should I go with my Shimano Calcutta CT-400 Levelwind Reel w/ Standard Baitcast Handle or my Shimano Stradic 6000FH Spinning Reel? I'm concerned about gear ratio, weight and line capacity.


Shimano Calcutta CT-400

Line Capacity: 14/260; 17/200; 20/160

Gear Ratio: 4.7:1

Weight: 11.3 (oz)

Bearings: 2BB, 1RB


Shimano Stradic 6000FH

Line Capacity: 12/265; 16/170; 20/120

Gear Ratio: 5.7:1

Weight: 20.1 (oz)

Bearings: 4BB + 1RB


Thanks for the assist.


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9" rigged sluggo in pink or white. Weighted to throw far.


Mag Minnow asstd colors


Tins from Pt Jude. I did well with a narrow profile ripped a few inchs under the surface.


Yo Zuri surface cruiser in green/yellow


Stetzo Tin Needle. I forget what its called but is a needlefish made from metal. Change out the hook

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i am headed there next friday


see high plains drifter suggestions about modifying surface tension lures


i am bring a bunch of those, up to 3 oz.


i met a guy who actually fished in the south seas as part of his college curriculum, and also has done a lot of pacific surf casting in central america


krocodiles get the nod over other spoons


he mentioned crystal minnows and mepps bronze spinners, also those crank baits with the spinner on the far end...buzz bombs?


white, pink, chartruese


sardine patterns


yozuri hydro-metals


i am bringing bluefish bombs, surface tensions, point jude lure selection, some pink sluggos, and assorted small rubbers and jig heads


since we are also doing some river fishing, i brought some stuff for stained water, including small trout spoons and spinners


for kayak, some deep divers in various sizes and patterns


a couple of big rat'l traps too


good luck

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For Snook (they will likely be in the colored water close to shore):

Rapala Countdown CD11 9/16 ounce in gold

OR your favorite swim bait (like Storms) if you need to cast farther and/or the Rapala is too light for your rod (orange/gold)


For roosters/jack crevalle/needlefish (high speed surface lures):

Surface Tension by Line Stretcher Co. in Pearl with red stripe. Choose the size/weight to match your rod

Roberts Rangers/Whistlers in White/red head. Choose the size weight to match your rod.

2 3/8 ounce Little Neck Popper (made by Super Strike) in all yellow or parrot (if your rod will handle that weight range)


For snappers/jack crevelle/anything else:

Your favorite metals in sizes/weights to match your rod.


Use the Stradic. 40# braid will give you around 300 yards. You didn't give us a key piece of information. The weight rating of your rod - HPD

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Thank you everyone for all the helpful information. It's very hard for me to only bring a select few lures and not bring the whole tackle shop - like I usually do.


j0k3r - Thanks for the suggestion. I would PM GrandMaster Angler, however I'm a newbee to the forum and I don't have the rights to PM yet. If anyone can assist that would be a big help.


High Plains Drifter - The rod I'm taking on the trip is a 3-piece, 7'-0", Medium Action, IM7 Graphite Rod rated for 12-20 lb Line and 5/8 - 2-1/4 oz Lures.

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The rod I'm taking on the trip is a 3-piece, 7'-0", Medium Action, IM7 Graphite Rod rated for 12-20 lb Line and 5/8 - 2-1/4 oz Lures.


So the sweet spot for that rod might be around 1 1/2 ounces. That means you should buy a Roberts Bounder (1 3/4 ounces) as your longest casting fast surface lure (roosters). The Super Strike 2 3/8 popper is too heavy for your rod. I'd bring the Super Strike Little Neck Popper in the 1 1/2 ounce (sinking) model. It works the surface easily and can be burned on the surface or popped slowly.


I'd use a Rapala CDMAG 14 (1 1/4 ounce) to match up with your rod. Gold Fluorescent Red would be killer. - HPD

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I am going to Nosara Costa Rica in August. I just bought a Salt Striker Travel combo from Cabelas (3 piece) with the SS 40 reel and a 7' Heavy rod. My plan is to put 30# test braided line with a 60# Flurocarbon leader. I bought a top water mullet, a gold Hopkins, a red Rapala and Green eels. I also plan to take a small 3' cast net and can hopefully get some live bait at low tide. Any additional thoughts would be appreciated. I plan to surf cast as we have a house 100 ft from Playa Giones, as well as get to the mouth of the Nosara river.

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