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van staal drag FIXED

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thanks to all on the advice with the vs drag problem i had. acording to craig the right hand retreve drag flow out of the reel was in the rong dirction for the reel (something the designer missed who now apparently owns Z-bass). craig replaced some hardware in the spool and got me a new spool cap all for nothing so im happy and back in action. hoping to test it on another cow which are so few and far between by my kneck of the woods that im sure il feel the pain of this drag problem for a few months to come frown.gif.


thanks again

tight lines


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ha, well craig told me that the old model vs which i own were never field tested so craig said thats why he (i forgot his name) fired the guy who helped design the reel. that indavidual suposedly is now in charge of z bass? i wouldnt really know i was just throwing it out there as random half assed info that i recieved.

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every manufacturer could use a craig cantelmo, this guy cares and is super helpful.

"A GAMEFISH (which striped bass should be) Is too valuable to be caught only once"...Lee Wulff


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bashing van staal? im not bashing van staal or z bass im repeating information that im sure someone else might find important as well as suprising the same way i did. after all the hassel ive dealt with due to the old style reel that DOES have a defect in the drag design im still quite happy with them and delighted with the service of the rep. craig who took care of things for me.


so dont worry....no bashing, just information sharing.

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