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I would like to publicly thank HPD. I have asked him many questions on this site and thru emails. I'm sure some of the questions left him scratching his head. He has never been short with me. He always makes time to answer me promptly. So here's to you HPD. I've learned a lot in a short time on ST. And I also would like to thank any one else that helped me out. By the way Todd I will get the 5.2 ratio reels. I hope my Mexican fishing trip scenario goes like this. We will get up early every day and I will fish all day if my wife gets tired she will kick back and chill. And the big dumb German will be standing in the surf trying to beat the water into submission and hopefully catch a few fish. After a week I'll be so spent I will be sent back to Wisconsin in a body bag and people will be wondering what that goofy smile on my face is from. So Thanks again to all that helped me. Jim

(*member formerly known as 'wheelzz')
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