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ZB 22 spool and rotor


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Purchased a VS-150 so I no longer need the following ZeeBaaS items:


Items look 10 out of 10, were purchased from ZeeBaaS May 2008 for $464.68 looking to sell for $225.


-black SP22CB Spool and Drag Cap. ($279)

-black RT20DB Rotor Assembly Double ($179)


I am open for trades + cash, looking for boca grip 30, aquaskinz med plug bag and so on.

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I might be interested. I have a new Boga 30 on order that should be here early next week and I have a new large aquaskinz bag. I might be willing to part with both of them. I am willing to throw in a couple plugs as well but selection is limited because I fish all my plugs. Only have a few new ones but quality plugs.

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if it fits to Zeebaas generation 2, and if I don't get it wrong, i.e Spool + drag cap + rotor assembly to be shipped to NNJ for $225 I will buy them(paypal or USPS no probs)


this is what I currently have http://stripersonline.com/surftalk/s...hlight=zeebaas




EDIT : RayG I guess you live in Belleville NJ, I myself live in Lyndhurst NJ, so I can pick it up tonite or tomorrow, monday Im flying to Toronto and will be back friday again...



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