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Adding to the titanium collection

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Just got back from a visit with the neurosurgeon.

Neck is doing pretty well so we are scheduling to do the lower back again.

This will be spinal surgery #5.

L5/S1, L4/5 & L3/4.

Four vertebra in total and 3 discs.

This will make a total of 5 fusions and 7 discs that have been operated on.


Date is December 9th and might be sooner if any cancellations become open.

The sooner the better.

If he can fix the lower back as well as he fixed the screw up the last surgeon did on my neck, I just may be able to fish again next year.


I have not wet a line or caught a fish since last October.


13 months seems like an eternity at this point.


Wish me luck!!!!

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Dude, you sure are a trooper. clapping.gif Wish you the best of luck for a successful surgery. And good luck with that other little thing you got going on, to. wink.gif

You know it must be a penguin bound down if you hear that terrible screaming and there ain't no other birds around. 

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The odds are pretty good with this surgeon, he's one of the best.

Odds on that other thing are 100:1 cwm31.gif


Those 3M blanks will certainly be done by spring. That much is certain.

I have everything here I need to complete them except knowledge biggrin.gif


I need a lesson or two :hint:


My oldest says when they cremate me, they'll need a 5 gallon bucket cwm27.gif

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TJ.... Titanium fusion along with self bone and synthetic bone implants.

Bone they will remove from the 4 vertebra will be ground up, combined with synthetic bone material and mixed with an epoxy to cement the vertebra together.

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