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Black Drum

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I've caught one black drum off of AI/MD after june...It was striped like convict, and about 12 inches long. It took a FBBW on a 2/0 hook. I have no idea how long it was hooked, as i was just reeling in to check bait, barley moved the rod at all.


They mainly like shellfish, to answer your other question. Fish surf zones with mussel or oyster beds, using peelers. To the best of my knowledge there aren't any on the MD side, beds that is.


Or charter a boat in the delaware bay, out of jersey, in the spring. Plenty of 20 minute battles to be had up there for blacks.

The fish are someplace else, unless your somplace else; in which case they are somplace elser.
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....crab or clam as suggested. On rare occasions (see photo) they may be caught with bait but the theory is they are after the crabs that are sitting on your bunker...notice hook location.




large in thesurf are kind of rare.




color may vary both with the available light and angle, sometimes looking very red-drum like.



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