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Rod for Big surf and small lures ?

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I'm finding the need for a surf rod that can throw 1 - 3 oz.

Ocean bch's ,& montauk - big water


But mostly 1 oz bucktails ,mag darters , plastic swimmers[bombers,yozuri] and other smaller lures.

Of course the ability to chuck a 3 oz. darter etc. is needed.

I have a GSB132M this is great for 1 1/2 -4 oz


Looking for that niche rod a bit more sensitive ,but powerful enough to load up well. Can be 10ft. or 11ft


Thoughts were :XSRA 1321 OR 1322 [not sure of difference ,but need 1 pc]

XSRA 1205

What's your favorite rod for this use. icon14.gif

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for lighter lures I like the Lami GSB 1081L and GSB 121L ...... caught many fish on both.


nice light tip to throw the little stuff like Yo-Zuri mag darters, bombers, small rubbers and such beautifully and has enough power in the butt to bring that big fish in.





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I've got a XS101M it's my go to all around rod ,but it is med action.

I guess need an L .

I do have an 11ft gsb that may be a L [will try it again]

Pain in the neck to tape reels and switch- gonna need more VS's


May try my custom 9 FT Lami glass rod tonight. Hate to pair it up with penn 704.

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For light stuff I use a GSB 1321 L with a Penn 704 its an 11' rod great rod.


The XRA 1321 is a discontinued blank the 1322 forget it it will not load properly with anything less than 3oz, the 1205 is even worst than the 1322 needs at least 4oz to load properly.


If you pick up a 1321 L you will be very please with it, I know I am.

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AllStar/Rainshadow/Batson 1087. I have the AllStar and it handles everything from 3/4 oz. bucktails to 3 oz. Dannies. Throws a 2 3/8 SS popper a mile and has enough guts to handle big fish in big water. It's more versatile than my other 9'er, a Lamiglas GLB1081MH, but the Lami has more power down low and handles 3-4 oz. better. Sometimes I think 9 footers have more power to move fish than a similarly rated 11 footer (like a short tuna rod).

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