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Manley pliers: How durable are the cutters?

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I picked up a pair of the 6.5" Super Pliers the other day...


Should the cutters only be used on hooks in an emergency? Or can they be used on a more regular basis, such as cutting the eye to put hooks on a plug? (VMC 4x hooks from size 1/0 - 3/0.) smile.gif

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Pretty durable from what I see. My pair is 8 or 9 years old and they still cut thru hooks well. However, the pair on my belt is only used for that purpose when absolutely necessary.

Get a pair of cheap bolt cutters to keep in your truck - you never know.....

Jim C.
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After a little accident last year I got a couple of sets of 10" bolt cutters from Lowes. Cost was $10@. They cut very well. A set is always close by now.

Tim Egan
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Yup, the "best damn pliers money can but"....is it still written on the packaging? They are as durable as they get...had mine for 10-15 yrs..as good as ever...and I cut heavy leader with them on a fairly regular basis...but haven't cut hooks...if I were you, I'd carry a pair of side cutters with me and use them...(which I do as well) side cutters are much stronger, with hardened cutters..

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