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View PostThey will if the GOP fillibusters everything that comes down the pike.




So are you suggesting that since the Democrats did not filibuster everything that came down the pike during the BUSH years, the Democrats are equally responsible for the crap that came out of Washington the last 8 years?


I just don't get it, the Democrats held the Senate almost as long as the Republicans during the Bush Years 3.5 years Democrat voting majority to 4.5 years of Republican voting majority, the Democrats have "enjoyed" a greater voting block in the House for the last 2 years than the Republicans ever did the did the first 6 years of Bush's terms, but some how the Republicans controlled all 3 branches.


Now the Democrats enjoy at least an 80 vote majority in the house, most likely to increase, a minimum of 56 Democrat Votes in the Senate with 4 more up for grabs and the poor Democrats are worried about the Republicans blocking them with a filibuster ............ it could happen I guess, but if the filibuster is such a powerful tool, then I guess the Democrats are just STUPID for not using it during the BUSH years.

"meet our growth targets that put us on a pathway to growth."
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View PostThey will if the GOP fillibusters everything that comes down the pike.


Oh please god. Don't let any of Barry's first five picks for SCOTUS come down the pipeline. I don't care if you have to filibuster for two years.

Quote:Originally Posted by Mark LevinLiberals tell you the government sucks, and they want more of it!
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